Tumithak of the Corridors
Tumithak of the Corridors book cover
Published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
Retails for $16.95
225 action-packed pages.
Full color cover.    Black & White illustrations.

by Charles R. Tanner
Edited by John Koblas and A.M. Decker
Cover Art by Michael Dal Cerro
Inside Illustrations by Marmar Palmer Hoffman

Tumithak of the Corridors is a collection of four novellas written by Charles R. Tanner (1896-1974).

Influenced by H.P. LOVECRAFT and EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, Tanner creates an underground world filled with unrelenting tension, terror and adventure.

In the very far future, Mankind has been driven beneath the surface of the Earth by the Beasts of Venus, known as Shelks. For thousands of years, Mankind has dwelt underground in the pits and corridors he created in his flight from the invaders. He has lost most of his technology and knowledge of the sciences and now lives in fear of the Shelks, who periodically descend into the underground to hunt men for sport and other, less speakable, activities.

Eventually a young lad named Tumithak dreams of defying the Shelks and sets out upon a trek to find the unknown "surface" and slay a Shelk, to show that man can once again live free and set his own path to a new and brighter future. Little does he know what terrors his actions will set in motion. The Shelks, also known as "spiders", have ten legs, a human-like head, and no concept of the term "mercy", as Tumithak soon finds out.

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Special Thanks to Black Gate Magazine for their spectacular review in Issue # 9.
"Tumithak of the Corridors" by Charles R. Tanner is straight out action . . . .
a worthy companion to Conan and Tarzan.
- Alan Lattimore, Black Gate Magazine

"Years ago I enjoyed reading the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard,
Ralph Milne Farley and other great Science Fiction/Fantasy writers. The stories of
Charles R.Tanner collected in the book, Tumithak of the Corridors, took me back to those days
when I followed the adventures in Barsoom, Valusia and the Radio Planet!
- Roger Ashton.

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